Holi :-festival of colors❤

Tomorrow 29th March. We are going to celebrate the festival of colors Holi

one of the most awaited festivals in the country and celebrated by Hindus all over the country. 

Holi festival is celebrated for 2 days

(1) :- On the first day, known as day of “Holika Dahan”, fire is lit marking the victory of truth over evil.

(2) :- The second day is “Phag”, when the actual Holi is celebrated with vibrant colours and water.

Holi is celebrated in March, every year. Though Holi is a Hindu festival, not much religious practices are attached with the festival. To celebrate the victory of good over evil,

In India different cities and states have their unique traditions and ways of observing this day. But, what makes Holi so unique and special is the spirit of it which remains the same throughout the country and even across the globe, wherever it is celebrated.

This festival is celebrated by people of all ages. And most children wait for it. They enjoy a lot

Children take special delight in spraying colours on one another with their pichkaris and throwing water balloons

Those who are reading this post from outside of india . Must come to India once in the month of march and enjoy this beautiful festival . It will be a beautiful experience in your life.

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Pollution, air, and water

In this topic I talk about , pollution, air, water, and this is very important topic.

The process in which some toxic pollutants are added to our environment is called pollution. It makes the climate harmful for both all the living beings. Pollution mainly happens because of men made activities, whether done unknowingly or deliberately. Nowadays, it has become an important issue worldwide. Many countries are facing defective childbirths and high mortality rates due to pollution. It makes natural things like water, air, soil, etc. harmful for both the humans and the animals is increasing every day around us.

Pollution is increasing every day around us. Children are the future of the world. They need to know about the harmful effects of pollution and how it can be controlled

And very important first we have to change our self. Do simple simple things . Always Clean the area where you live.

First I talk about air pollution-

(1) It is sometimes visible like we can see polluted air left by the vehicles on the road because of its different colour. In most cases, it is not visible. Polluted air mainly affects the eyes and lungs of human beings as well as animals .

(2) water pollution-Same like water, one kind of water pollution is visible like muddy water, water with garbage, etc. At the same time, some visibly clean water can contain chemicals that are dangerous to our health. Drinking polluted water can cause serious health issues. A lot of people die worldwide by consuming contaminated water. It can also indirectly affect humans and animals

(3)The last point is noise pollution The sounds of vehicles, mike, loud music, or machinery cause noise pollution. It causes serious health issues like migraine, depression, hypertension, aggressive behavior, etc. to humans. It also directly affects the health of animals. It sometimes becomes the reason for their death.

We have to think about these topics. And do some change as soon as possible

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Every child to get education..

In this topic I alk about child education and this is so important

All children have the right to go to school and learn, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has. Quality learning requires a safe, friendly environment, qualified and motivated teachers, and instruction in languages students can understand

In many countries their education system is very poor and not maintain well . Poverty is also a main issue.we all should think about that.

It should be free and fair, with equal access for girls and boys. Children with disabilities and children who have to work to help their families make ends meet are also blocked from the basic skills that could lift them from a lifetime of poverty and hardship. …

Education should be free for all. We have to create a environment like every child get a education for free and help poor people. And educate them and tell them that education is very important for their children’s

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