5 Indian books you must read 📖

Books come as life savers in every situation. A long journey, a sleepless night or a lazy day, a book can be your companion in every mood. There is nothing stronger than the power of words.

It always takes a lot of time to decide which book to pick as there are thousands of options available. So save your time as i present to you the list of 5 indian English literature that you must read

(1) Mahatma Gandhi-The story of my experiments with the truth

(2) Arundhati Roy- GOD of Small things

The book was awarded the Booker Prize in 1997 

(3) Khushwant singh- Train to Pakistan

Train To Pakistan is a compelling portrayal of the partition of India. The book touches upon the human angle and brings out the sense of reality and horror. 

(4) Mulk Raj Amanda- The private life of an Indian Prince

The story revolves around abolition of princely states in India, focusing on the life of a King and his fascination towards one of his mistresses. The story has some real life incidents which are beautifully converted into fiction.

(5) Jhumpa lahiri- The interpreter of Maladies

This is a collection of nine stories by Lahiri. The stories are based on lives of Indians and Indian Americans who are lost between the two cultures



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