Fashion, trends, style. Change in every year

In this blog i talk about fashion, latest trends, style

In Today’s world fashion is the most important thing because it’s show that how much you aware and know which style is trending now in world

(1)First I talk about good fashion. Good fashion is like that you wear something decent and looks good on you and you feel comfortable on that dress and freely walk on a road without any hesitation.

(2) second thing is slightly different form first topic. Some dress or clothes are on trending and good presence.but when you wear that clothes you feel uncomfortable somewhere and not feel happy. But some people knowing this things they don’t care about what people think. They choose what they like to wear and I think this is good because you don’t think about what people say about you and your clothes.always wear what you like.

Fashion and style are change very fastly in today’s world every week there is a new fashion or style come up and people will follow easily . When you go back in 90s and see that there is a simple fashion of clothes all man and woman wear same styles clothes no trending style and here I talk about hair style also that also same they follow.

This is my blog hope you like. If you like my blog and this information helpful for you please share with me… Thanku so much…

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