How to make your daily routine.. For a good healthy life

In this topic I talk about on every point on daily routine for a good healthy life

every one wants a good health and a best time table.but most of the people not follow their routine regularly . They don’t know what to eat what exercise they have to perform. So here I tell you some tips for make best routine for you.

First point set a goal in your mind . That you have to follow your routine regularly

(1) if you have a habit of sleeping late at night please change that habit because this is the main thing you have to change.

(2) wake up in the morning at 5-6 AM it’s is the best time to start your day and you feel refreshing all the day

(3) perform a decent exercise like yoga or stretching your body. If you don’t know how to perform yoga please watch online classes and learn how to do it. Because if you do yoga🧘‍♀️ on your daily routine. Your breathing power increase and you feel energetic all the day

(4) always Eat healthy food. And add more vegetables 🥦🥕🌽in your diet and Eat organic food . Eat pulses, kidney beans, eat at least one fruit in a day And the most important point drink 2-3 litres water it keeps your body refreshing and help your blood regulation properly

All points I tell you.I follow in my daily routine

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Thanku for reading📖

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