Healthy lifestyle

I write something on that topic which relate with everyone . And it’s called healthy life style Health is the most important topic in our life without good health we cannot survive or live good life . So I tell you some tips on healthy lifestyle which I feel that you should follow and make your life perfect. So here’s the first point . You must have a goal in your mind that you want that type of body or physic you think all the time . Second point – you have to be honest with your self. Make the timetable for at least 1 month and follow that timetable properly with no Excuse. third point- if you never do yoga in your life you have to join yoga classes online or do Some yoga in every morning at least for 30 minutes and meditation it keeps you feel refreshing all the day. Fourth point- drink lots of water minimum 2litres a day and maximum 3 litres it keeps your body charge and helps blood circulation In your body and fifth point – add more vegetables in your diet and Pulses , kidney beans, eat salad before your meal . And after you done with your meal don’t drink. Water at least wait for 30 mints to digest your food you take. And sleep on time . Many people have that problem they try to sleep early but they don’t sleep. Because I think they have addiction problem with their smartphones or playing games at late night please change this bad habits. Sleep on time. And wake up at 5 am and drink at least 2 glass of warm water and do your daily routine for at least 1 month you should feel good in ourself and feel energetic and miss doing yoga or exercise . If you are young guy so you understand that how to. Do normal exercise but here I talk about old people they have issue with their body some are not well to. Do. Exercise or some are felling tired so here I say to them that do it for yourself doing exercise it’s help you not any one else so atleast walk in the morning for 1km and those who.have busy schedule so I say to. Them if you not have time to. Do. Exercise .but you should follow good diet and not street foods.These are the points I follow in my daily life and I never fell sleepy tired nothing because I follow my routine properly……. These are my some tips for healthy life style hope. You like my blog if you like please support to me…. Thanku. So much.

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