Electric cars and technology

Today I discuss about a new technology a new project which attract peoples and also a very innovative theme. I talk about electric cars which comes in our society with a new concept and i talk about the benifits of the electric car

Electric cars Benifits :- there are lot of benifits i discuss about firstly that you save our environment, nature 🌿🍃 which are in danger because. The car we drive now it’s running on fuel and because of that carbon monoxide is produced by incomplete combustion process from any carbon containing fule. .a great amount of carbon monoxide (CO) are released into the atmosphere. Which harm our environment and nature so it’s a good invention by humans that somehow we protect our environment with from these types of gases

And second benifits of electric cars are:- it’s not very expensive normal middle class  people buy and maintain that very well and Tesla electric cars are very good in that 

The one company name tesla have produced one of the best affective super electric cars it’s help nature to not effect with fuel consumption and effect by gases and also it have a unique feature that car  run on automatic mode like in aeroplane have a autopilot mode same like that 

So in my thinking our future are with that types of cars….. Electric cars like Tesla

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